Dr. Mustafa Dolmaz

Virtual Museum Experiences of Pre-Service English Teachers During The Covid-19 Pandemic Process

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to reveal the experiences of pre-service English teachers towards virtual museums, which is one of the learning environments during the pandemic period. Document analysis method was used in the research and 46 pre-service teachers studying in the English language teaching department of the education faculty of a state university formed the study group of the research. In the study, studying in the department of English language teaching was accepted as a criterion. The data of the research were collected using the Virtual Tour Results Evaluation Form (VTREF). In the light of the data obtained it was concluded that most of the pre-service teachers did not use virtual museums as an electronic learning environment before the research, virtual museums can be used for educational purposes in disciplines such as science, social sciences, natural sciences, the use of virtual museums in the educational environment will help to create a colorful, fun, motivating, creative, inspiring, productive and educational teaching environment, and the use of virtual museums for educational purposes during the pandemic period has many advantages and some disadvantages.

Keywords: Covid-19, Digital Learning, Pre-Service Teachers, Virtual Museum.

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