Dr. Mustafa Dolmaz

What Has Been Done About Creative Drama in the Field of Social Studies? A Content Analysis

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Dolmaz, M., & Metin, Ö. (2024). Sosyal Bilgiler Alanında Yaratıcı Drama Üzerine Ne Yapıldı? Bir İçerik Analizi. Yaratıcı Drama Dergisi, 19(1), 32-58.

Mustafa DOLMAZ & Özge METİN

In the research, the trends of studies conducted between 2002 and 2022 on the relationship between social studies and creative drama were examined. The research was carried out using document analysis, which is one of the qualitative research methods. The study group of the research consists of open-access articles and theses on the relevant subject in the “YÖK Thesis Database” “H. W. Wilson Database” and “Google Scholar Database”. As a result of the research, it was determined that the number of studies in the relevant field was low and even there were no doctoral studies. In addition, qualitative, quantitative and mixed research methods are preferred in similar proportions in research, this wide range of research methods is not seen in the data collection tools, data analysis and sampling sections; similar data collection tools, data analysis methods and sampling methods are used in most of the research, and the subjects of the research are not different. It has been found that creative drama is a very
useful instrument for social studies, but it is not used enough. Suggestions were made for researchers who will conduct research in the relevant field to work with different data analysis methods, data collection tools and sample groups, as this will further enrich the data set revealed by the literature.

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