Dr. Mustafa Dolmaz

The Views of Teacher Candidates on the Use of Web-Based Biographical Resources in Teaching the Subject of Science Pioneers

The number and variety of materials used in education curricula with the use of information technologies and the internet for educational purposes have increased considerably. With the development of new technologies, it is possible to say that this increase is reflected in the material diversity in a proportional manner. Many materials that are based on coding on the web have begun to embellish the educational environment. In this research, views of teacher candidates on the use of web-based biographical resources in teaching the topic “Science Pioneers” in the unit “7th Grade Science, Technology and Society” were examined.

The research was carried out by adopting a qualitative research pattern with 10 teachers who are graduates of Education Faculty Social Studies Education Department in Sivas province. In the research, the interview method, which is a frequently used qualitative research method, was employed. In the research, a structured interview form developed by the researcher as a data collection tool was used. The form consists of four open-ended questions. The questions in the interview form were prepared in line with the views of three field experts and the data obtained from the interview forms are processed into the Maxqda 12 package program for content analysis.

Various theme categories have been determined with the help of the program in line with the views of the researcher and the experts. As a result of the research, it has been observed that teacher candidates have a positive attitude towards the use of web-based biographical resources and it was concluded that they expressed their views toward web-based biographical sources should be used. Web-based biographical sources, particularly biographical documentaries, video blogs, movies, web logs, game-like applications (puzzles, etc.) are the sources that teachers elaborate on. In addition, according to teacher candidates, such resources have the advantage of being fun, appeal to more than one sense organ, be easily accessible, include the essence of the subject and appeal to a wide audience. However, according to the views of teacher candidates; in case they are not the first-hand sources, the information they provide may not be 100 percent accurate and may contain subjectivity, long-term use of web resources may create distraction in students, may harm students’ eye health and musculoskeletal system, and may have disadvantages such as not being able to use them offline are the other results that should not be overlooked.

Keywords: Biographical Materials, Educational Materials, Social Studies, Web Resources

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