Dr. Mustafa Dolmaz

An Instructional Material: The History Box

Please Cite As: Dolmaz, M. (2018). Bir Öğretim Materyali: Tarih Kutusu, Uluslararası Alan Eğitiminde Materyal Sempozyumu, İstanbul, TURKEY, 3-5 Mayıs 2018, ss. 138-139.

PhD. Mustafa DOLMAZ


A material design with the name of the history box was developed for the research. The box consists of two layers. The material emerged from the stratification of the political periods of the Ottoman State. The introduction of the sultans who ruled the Ottoman State in chronological order is a must. In the first layer, there are gaps where the pictures of the founding sultans can be placed. In the second layer, it is aimed to introduce the ascendant sultans. The important thing in the material is to place the images of the sultan on the correct places and correct information. When all the pictures are correctly placed, the circuit placed below the layer is activated and the green led lights are on. If even a piece is misplaced, the lights are not active. In addition, the important actions of the sultans are written in the layers under the spaces where the pieces are placed.

The aim of this study is to get students’ opinions about this material which is used in the teaching of the Ottoman sultans. In line with this aim, the following questions were asked to the students through the interview form.

  • What are the views of students on the history box?
  • Could the used material teach the subjects to be taught?
  • Are students willing to design such a material?

The universe of the research is constituted by the students who are studying at the 7th grade level of a public school in Sivas province center in 2016-2017 education year. The sample of the research is composed of 30 randomly selected students from this school. Student interview form was used as data collection tool in the research.

The interview form consists of three open-ended questions.

  • How did you find the history box?
  • Could the material used in your teaching be summarized as necessary information?
  • Would you like to design such a material?

A document review method was used as a research method. The data obtained by this method were analyzed by descriptive analysis method.

Finally, in the study, nearly all of the students have reached the material that is fun and educational. Students have stated that the material teaches as much information as possible. It is also derived from students’ opinions that the students liked the material very much and carried the idea of making similar materials. In the light of these results, the following suggestions can be made:

  1. Teachers should pay attention to the use of materials in social studies lessons.
  2. Students should be encouraged to produce materials to be used.

Keywords: Social Studies, Material Use, History Box.

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