Dr. Mustafa Dolmaz

The Effect of The Use of Historical Novels in Social Studies Teaching to Creative Writing Skills

Dolmaz, M. (2017). Sosyal Bİlgiler Öğretiminde Tarihsel Roman Kullanımının Yaratıcı Yazma Becerilerine Etkisi, (Yayımlanmamış Doktora Tezi), Erzincan Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü, Erzincan. (Please Cite As)

The human profile required by our era has shown an extraordinarily rapid change following technological advances in recent years. There is now a growing need for creative individuals who can think differently, explore, question, and manage to establish relationships that have never before been established between objects and events. The end result of this change was felt in our country’s educational program, and among the skills that many disciplines aim to improve included the ability to think creatively, thus taking a step in raising a creative generation.

Social Studies is one of these disciplines. The Social Studies-Literature Integration offers us a myriad of materials that will help students improve their creative skills. This research based on mixed method which we tried to determine the effect of historical novels on creative writing skills was carried out by a creative writing study with 80 students from four different classes at the 7th grade level of a public school in Sivas province center. As a result of the writing study, the experimental study process was evaluated through the process evaluation form with eight students consisting of four students with the highest and lowest creative writing scores and the
creative writing skill scores of the students were examined in terms of various variables. As a result of the research, it has been seen that historical novels with different forms of fiction improved students’ creative writing skills at different levels.

It has been found that the students’ Turkish and Social Studies academic achievement scores, gender and parental learning situations do not make a significant difference on the creative writing skills but the creative writing scores of students show a significant difference in terms of various linguistic skills variables. The creative writing skills of the students do not differ according to the reading rate of the monthly book in the preliminary test. However, a significant difference was observed in the final test. It has been seen that some creative writing skills differ significantly in the context of artistic works’ interest variation.
Keywords: Creativity, Creative Writing, Historical Fiction, Social Studies.

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